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PLEASE NOTE: There will be changes of the WSET Diploma programme from 1 August 2019. Therefore Unit 4 - Spirits of the World will not be part of this qualification. Until 31 July 2019 the course and exams will run under the current system. From 1 August 2019 all students will be transferred to the new Diploma system. Further information about the changes students will receive in due course respectively during the course.

Unit 1: The Global Business of Alcoholic Beverages
Production and consumption worldwide, the local market for wines and spirits, the marketing of wines and spirits

Unit 2: Wine Production
Viticulture, vinification, maturation, treatments and packaging

Unit 3: Light Wines of the World
Northern and Western Europe
Central and South Eastern Europe
Southern Europe
Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia

Unit 4: Spirits of the World (Please note: From 1 August 2019 no longer included in the WSET Diploma programme.)
Methods of production, types and styles of spirits

Unit 5: Sparkling Wines of the World
Methods of production, types and styles of sparkling wines

Unit 6: Fortified Wines of the World
Methods of production, types and styles of fortified wines

Unit 7: Thesis

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