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Graduation Ceremony - Esterházy Palace
Marchese Piero Antinori, Lynne D. Sherriff MW, Stefan Tscheppe and Dr. Josef Schuller MW
Istituto Grandi Marchi

25th Weinakademiker Graduation Ceremony

The 25th anniversary graduation in Esterhazy Palace in early November 2018 brought 36 new Weinakademiker from 13 different countries. Srdjan Lisac and Janis Volkinšteins were the first graduates from Croatia and Latvia, respectively. During this quarter of a century 853 graduates from 38 countries were awarded the title Weinakademiker. Another 15 such as Jancis Robinson, Marchese Piero Antinori and others received the honorary title “Weinakademiker h.c.”.

The Burgenland Wine Academy was founded exactly 30 years ago in November 1988 and two years later it became the Austrian Wine Academy. One of the key people to make this happen was the former Burgenland Minister of Agriculture Paul Rittsteuer who has been the Vice-Chairman of the Academy´s Board for all 30 years . In Paul Rittsteuer’s anniversary speech, he outlined the Academy´s development from a one-man business to becoming today´s largest wine school on the Continent. Professor Dr. Hans-Reiner Schultz, president of Geisenheim University, emphasized the long and fruitful partnership between both institutions and the international relevance of the Weinakademiker qualification.

A special moment was the appearance on stage of 24 representatives of all Weinakademiker vintages from 1994 to 2017. Their statements reflected the manifold facets of the international alumni network ranging from cult winemakers to leading sommeliers, importers, journalists and wine buyers. Job de Swart Weinakademiker and new Master of Wine 2018 encouraged his colleagues to consider taking the next step and aspire for the next level, the Master of Wine qualification ,and join the team of eight Weinakademiker who have achieved this title.

The main focus of the evening was, of course, the new graduates who celebrated with an audience of more than 250 family members, friends and fellow students in the glamourous Haydn Hall.

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board, Esterhazy Winery and other institutions, such as the Institute of Masters of Wine, offered attractive awards and prizes to honour outstanding achievements in the exams. The top-student award of 2018 went to Stefan Vannuccini from Alto Adige. He was invited by the Institute of Masters of Wine to attend a course day at the European MW programme in Rust in 2019.

Magic Maggie show in Eisenstadt

Maggie Henriquez CEO of Krug and Moet Hennessey Estate Wines hosted two top events ahead of the 25th Weinakademiker graduation ceremony : supported by her friend Lynne Sherriff MW she presented in a tasting the “pioneers of the world” – the LVMH wineries round the globe.

Next morning she ran a Weinakademiker-only master class “pushing boundaries” that featured Krug Champagne and her most recent project “Ao Yun” in China. The tasting of great Champagnes and wines from the foothills of the Himalaya in Shangri La was co-hosted by Andreas Wickhoff MW.

30 new Weinakademiker from 14 different countries !

The traditional graduation ceremony at Esterhazy Palace took place on November 4 2017. With the new graduates the number of Weinakademiker has grown to more than 750 from 36 different countries. Amongst the new Weinakademiker there were the first graduates from Slovenia and Serbia. The traditional graduation gala tasting for 250 attendees in Haydn Hall the evening before was hosted by Gaia Gaja from the Piemonte cult winery. more »

International Wine in Moderation workshop in Rust

Austrian Wine Academy hosted an international workshop on Wine in Moderation in Rust early October. An international scientific panel presented the scientific evidence of possible health benefits of moderate wine consumption. Representatives of most European wine producing countries and leading international wine companies presented their national strategies and activities to promote Wine in Moderation. “Wine in Moderation” (WIM) is the wine sector´s social responsibility movement. The WIM organization´s office is based in Brussels, George Sandeman leading wine industry figure from Portugal is the current president. During the WIM workshop Austrian Wine Academy was presented with a certificate to recognize its role as national coordinator of the wine in moderation program in Austria.

MW European Seminar, Rust

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