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Weinakademie Österreich GmbH
A 7071 Rust
Object of the company: Wine education
VAT number: ATU 5780 3238 (Austria)
VAT number: DE 242233048 (Germany)

Register entry: FN 244274 b
Register court: Landesgericht Eisenstadt
Firmensitz: 7071 Rust

T: +43 (0) 2685 / 6853
F: +43 (0) 2685 / 6451

Managing Director
Dr. Josef Schuller MW

Part Owners of the Weinakademie Österreich GmbH
Österreich Wein Marketing GmbH 50 %, Weinakademie Burgenland 50%

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The Weinakademie Österreich GmbH will grant usage rights for contents of the site in particular cases.

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Privacy Policy