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This Diploma programme has been designed as a residential course and late afternoons and evenings are designated to workshops, visits to vineyards and wineries and educational tastings.

The study trips in the Austrian wine regions will focus on international varieties in areas such as Wachau and Kamptal or in Styria, but also on indigenous red wines and noble sweet wines in Burgenland. Furthermore there will be an evening programme with wines from Hungary in Sopron. All visits/tastings including 3 full-day wine study trips as well as lunches and coffee/tea breaks are included in the course fee.

Course dates 2019/20

PLEASE NOTE: There will be changes of the WSET Diploma programme from 1 August 2019. Therefore Unit 4 - Spirits of the World will not be part of this qualification. Until 31 July 2019 the course and exams will run under the current system. From 1 August 2019 all students will be transferred to the new Diploma system. Further information about the changes students will receive in due course respectively during the course.

Course venue:
Weinakademie Österreich
Seehof, 7071 Rust

Course fee:
The course fee for Units 1 and 2 is EUR 1350.-, for Unit 3 EUR 2300.- and for Units 5, 6 and 7 EUR 1800.- (total EUR 5450.- ). If you register for Unit 1 - 3 for EUR 3580.- and afterwards for Units 5 - 7 for EUR 1800.- the total course fee comes to EUR 5380.-. By booking Units 1 - 7 the course fee accounts for EUR 5300.-.

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Registration deadline:
Friday, 22 March 2019

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